Motorola VB400 BodyCam

  • RUGGED AND RESISTANT : Operating temperature from -20 to +50C
  • SHIFT LONG BBATTERY LIFE: 12 hours of continuous recording
  • SECURE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Klick Fast, Quick Release, Close Fit, Alligator Clip
  • PRE & POST RECORDING: Up to 2 minutes buffer time
  • HIGH QUALITY VIDEO: 1080p & 30fps recording with 120 degree horizontal lens and 0.2 lux low light
  • CONFIGURABLE RECORDING: 5 software configurable buttons with LED, Beeps, Haptic feedback and powersave
  • PEER ASSISTED RECORDING: An activated camera will trigger an unactivated camera if it comes within a defined proximity
  • REAL TIME VIDEO STREAMING: Stream video from WiFi connected VB400 cameras to the VideoManage

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Motorola Solutions has launched the VB400 BodyCam as part of their Professional Video Portfolio.

Intended to support workers when dealing with aggression or confrontations on a daily basis, the VB400 enables you to foster trust between your team and the public by providing an unbiased independent witness. See what your team sees and watch key decisions unfold, either in real time or after the fact.

In the field, features including dual microphones, a wide-angle lens and intuitive buttons ensure that every interaction can be captured in high-definition from start to finish.

All footage is stored and encrypted on the VB400 until it is redocked, at which point it is offloaded securely and automatically.


  • High Quality Video
  • Temperature and Weather Resistant
  • Shift-Long Battery Life
  • Ruggedised Case
  • Secure Mounting Options
  • Pre and Post Record