With longer battery life, lightweight with a long battery life and a integrated RFID reader (PD415), the PD4 series from Hytera are your optimal companion for everyday work. The PD4 series supports both analogue and digital operation, ensuring a smooth migration to digital radio for any user.

The PD4 Series includes:



Hytera PD4 Series

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Key Features


Integrated RFID reader (PD415)
the optional Hytera RFID tags and checkpoints, transmitting this information back to the Hytera Patrol software by radio signal. The ideal solution for security and patrol requirements.

Patrol System with the PD415
The Hytera Partol system is an application that uses the data captured via RFID (PD415 only). Upload your site map and plot your chckpoints, then once your staff
have been assigned a radio tag the patrol system will monitor and log their journey in real-time when they tag any asset checkpoint.

Impressive voice quality
With embedded digital technology, the PD4 series produces outstanding voice quality, even in noisy environments, and at the outer perimeters of radio coverage.

Improved utilisation of the frequency spectrum
Thanks to the TDMA method, DMR radios make it possible to confgure the available bandwidth with double the channel capacity of conventional analogue radio.
This has a clear mitigating effect on increasing spectrum scarcity.

Mixed analogue and digital channel
This function ensures that the PD4 radios can detect both analogue and digital signals and change automatically to the relevant operating mode.

Both radios are dust and water-resistant according to IP55 (PD405) or IP54 (PD415) and meet the US military standard MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G